We can do something disruptiveWe want to democratize short films and become the biggest platform of this path.

We want your film to achieve the value it deserves. Making a film requires being full of passion. We have the same passion to show your film to millions of people. It does not matter which award he received, and at which festivals he was shown.

People who want to watch him want to find you easily and get used to it in their daily lives.

You spend your time and money. You believe in the power of telling people stories, and yes, everyone should be able to see it. Moreover, you should get income from this.

We solve a real problem. The World has a “Short content” trend. (And soon has Mars). And you have a great film. We are a bridge that connects these two roads.

We can create a large community. The film can inspire people in countries where you don’t even know the name. And you can be part of this community.

Our revenue sharing policy is transparent, fair and sustainable. As you make more films, we have a model that you will earn more. With all our strength, we strive to announce movies to most people and we want to be a garage for short film producers.

If you want to join, you can apply by clicking the button below and filling out the form! We will be happy to see you among us!