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Terms and Conditions | Last Update: 12.2020

Cineshort LLC (Platform / Cineshort Platform) is a mobile video-on-demand platform that aims to streaming films that are less than 40 minutes on a global scale. While Cineshort provides viewers/audience a wonderful watching experience in their short moments, it also offers filmmakers the opportunity to bring their films together with a wide audience and supports their professional sustainability by revenue sharing model.

We are as excited as you are to make your film meet the audience. The last thing you need to do before sending your film to us is to carefully read and confirm this text.


Age Requirements: If you are under 18 years old, you may need your legal guardian’s permission to make your film application. Please ask them to read this agreement with you. If you are under 18 years old and own a film, you can join our platform with the approval of your legal guardian.

Businesses(Distribution Company): If you are making a film submit to Cineshort on behalf of a company or organization, you must confirm that you have the authority to act on behalf of that legal entity and also you must confirm that the legal entity in question has accepted this agreement.

Cineshort constantly pays attention to improve its platform in order to increase the benefits and experiences of its users, film owners, and business partners in accordance with its mission and vision. We may need to make changes on the platform or terminate the platform to make performance or security improvements, to change functions and features, to make changes on the platform in order to comply with the laws and to prevent abuse of our platform. In any case, which is possible, Cineshort will share such situations with all the film owners on the platform in advance. However, we may need to make these changes without notice, such as when circumstances require us to take immediate action to improve the security of the platform, prevent abuse, or meet legal requirements.


Content on the platform includes materials such as films, videos, graphics, photos, text, and sound files provided by you, Cineshort, or a third party. Cineshort is the location provider of such content. The content belongs to the person/distributor who provided the content and this person/distributor continues to own all the rights.

Features Required in Films

When you include your film on the Cineshort platform; YOUR FILM CONTINUES TO BE YOUR FILM WITH ALL ITS RIGHTS. Shortly, what belongs to you stays as yours. Cineshort is a platform built to support this and it is also a platform that benefits the short film director in every respect. Our platform is open for films of all genres from every country. However, in order to bring your films together with the audience, your films must meet certain conditions.

In Terms of Content

If your film has a high watching pleasure, it is enough for us. It does not matter to us the genre of your film, whether it was awarded or not, whether it was released or not.

But your film should not enter into one of the categories mentioned below:

  • Promotional film,
  • Music clip,
  • Advertising film

Tv Show
Your films should not discriminate against age, gender, disability, marital status, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, and religious preferences and should not include illegal elements. In case of violation of this article, the films will not be accepted to the Cineshort platform, if those kinds of films were accepted before, they will be removed immediately and the contract with the director will be terminated unilaterally immediately.

 In terms of Legal Aspects

YOU SHOULD HAVE THE FULL RIGHT AND TRANSFER AUTHORITY OF THE FILM. In order to be sure about your legal rights, please refer to your country’s laws and other legislation regarding this issue. It is not possible for us to accept a film in which you do not have full rights and transfer rights and/or a film that infringes copyrights on our platform. By applying for a film on the platform, you grant us a worldwide valid license which may be sublicensed to promote, view, distribute, and publish your films. The licenses granted by you continue until your film is removed from the platform. When your film will be removed from the platform, we will also delete the information about the film from our platform. You can remove your film from the platform at any time. You can contact for this and submit your request. We will remove your film within 5 business days at the latest.

After the release of the film, if it is understood that the person/distribution (s) applying for the broadcast of the film is not the rightful owner and/or if the copyrights of third parties are violated, the film will be immediately removed from the platform, payments made or to be made to the person applying for the broadcast of the film on the platform will be stopped immediately and any legal remedies considered necessary about this person/distribution (s) will be applied. The material and moral damages incurred on the platform will be compensated by the person/distribution (s) applying for the stream of the film.

Films that encourage crimes such as, call to violence, provoking the people to hatred and hostility, hate, torture, grind,  mistreatment, cyberbullying, terrorism, and contain propaganda for such crimes cannot be accepted on the platform.

Except for the above article, films that are against the law in the country they are broadcasted are not removed from the platform, but the screening of the film in that country may be limited.

 Film Selection and Cineshort’s Commitments

As Cineshort, we are aware of the fact that your film is very precious to you. We work to ensure that your film meets broad audiences and reaches the value it deserves financially. In order to achieve this, we establish various collaborations and announce and promote the film, its director, and other information about the film on our app, channels, social media accounts, etc.

Cineshort does not make any changes to your film beyond what is required for broadcasting. However, some decisions are made by Cineshort such as, whether your film will be located on the platform or not, the release time of your film, categorical classification of your film, the subtitles will be added, in which languages to add subtitles, from which channels the film and the information related to the film will be announced.

We evaluate your films into four categories. Please read these categories carefully and pay attention to which part of your movie will be featured.

1- If your film is freely accessed; (For example, on Youtube or a free website)

We can accept your film on our platform. However, we do not pay for content that is freely available. Please attention to this situation. If you stream your film anywhere for free, you can stream it with us, but you won’t be paid.

2- If your film is streaming on another premium platform;

No problem. Your film can be on another share/premium platform. We will show your film to the world and pay you according to our income parameters!

3- If your film will be stream only with us;

We really like it! If your film will only be with us, we will pay an average of 8x more. If you also share your film with another platform, that’s okay, we just keep paying less.

4- If your film will be stream first and only with us;

Yeyyy! If your film will be stream on the platforms for the first time and only with us, we will pay you an average of 17x more. Not only this! We do exclusive marketing of your film on paid social channels, email marketing channels, and google ads channels.


Platform – Filmmaker Collaboration

Cineshort works closely with directors from all over the world. We created Cineshort to show your great works to the world.

Cineshort acts as the leading institution and partners with companies for the widespread use of the platform, to increase brand awareness, and to announce your films to more people. Partnerships are focused on increasing Filmmaker income and prestige. Filmmakers can be informed about business partnerships.

Platform – Distribution Collaboration

Cineshort cooperates closely and transparently with distributors. Payment for your films is made only to you. Please make sure you have a written agreement with the filmmakers. We may ask you for proof of your permission. As a distributor, the more films you share with our platform, the more revenue you will earn. (You can read the payment model below)

Planning of Payments

The main purpose of Cineshort is to ensure that great films are watched by millions of people and to make you, the film owners can make income. Cineshort has a transparent revenue sharing model. The fee to be paid to the film owner is determined by using a computer algorithm, with the following criteria, at 70 percent of the total revenue

Number of Views: Watching of your film by the platform users

Rate: Rate point your film on Cineshort Platform

Number of Share your Film: Number of users sharing your film outside of the Cineshort platform

Number of films: Number of your films on the Cineshort platform.

We make all our payments in USD. When the total revenue from your film reaches -100- USD ($100), revenue sharing will be done on a monthly basis. National taxes that may arise belong to film owners. Cineshort has the discretion about the calculation of payments, time of payment, and form of payment. Payments will be sent to the bank account number you shared/will be shared with the platform.

  • Determination Relationship

Cineshort is a community where all elements behave with respect, kindness and care to each other. The relations between the film owner-viewer/audience-platform inside or outside the platform are also arranged on this basis.


Cineshort protects all information of film owners. All information you provide in the application form is protected by Cineshort on the basis of confidentiality and your personal data is not processed without your consent. The personal data transmitted by the film owner to Cineshort will not be shared with business partners and other third parties, except for his/her consent.


We may make changes to this Agreement, for example, to reflect changes to the platform or for legal purposes, or for security purposes. In the event of a material change to this Agreement, Cineshort will provide advance notice within a reasonable time and provide an opportunity to review those changes. However, changes made to the new features of the Platform or changes made for legal reasons may take effect immediately without prior notice. Changes will only take effect from the date of the change.


Cineshort may transfer all or a part of this contract to a business partner or to a third party if Cineshort is sold.


Cineshort performs all its improvement, development, maintenance and repair works in accordance with the benefits of the user, film owners, and business partners. It operates in a fair, honest, and accountable approach to all of its stakeholders. It is sensitive to protect the reputation and rights of all its partners.

As Cineshort, we act fairly, honestly, and ethically in our activities with users, filmmakers, distributors, business partners, and other people with whom we interact. We do not give any unfair advantage to anyone with manipulation, hiding, misuse of private information, misrepresentation of material facts, or other unethical competitive practices. Our sales and marketing information and promotions are honest and accurate and can never be misleading.

Cineshort LLC. Community for You.